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Al-ki by and by

Some background information about Al-ki. This site advertises eclectic products as an affiliate publisher and has continuously done so since 1998. Since then affiliate marketing has come a long way and this website has expanded accordingly. Al-ki once ranked fairly high on search engine results pages. (Over the past decade, Al-ki has lost search rank with the proliferation of autoblogs, scraper sites, and made-for-adsense sites tweaked for specific keywords.) Here on this page you’ll find the privacy policy of Al-ki and terms of use, as well as how to send feedback.

Al-ki or Alki is a Chinook Jargon word meaning “by and by”

Privacy Policy

Each time you visit Al-ki or any of its derivatives, my server automatically recognizes your domain name – but rest assured, NOT your email address. Only the domain name and the date/time of each visit is recorded, NOT the email address of visitors to my website. The email addresses of those who communicate with me by email are gathered only if they are volunteered, such as from survey and/or site registration. The information I collect is used to improve the content of my website, and to customize the content and/or layout of my webpages. Any email addresses that I gather will NOT be shared with anyone else nor with other organizations for commercial purposes (or for any other purpose) without your consent. Send feedback if you have any questions about my privacy policy. —M

Terms of Use

Certain affiliate advertisers have approved Al-ki to publish advertisements online. This site Al-ki and its derivatives publish links to the websites of these advertisers, and as such Al-ki receives referral commissions. The websites of these advertisers are not under the control of Al-ki, and I (as the owner) am not responsible for the contents of any such linked websites, including without limitation any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates to a linked site. Furthermore, Al-ki makes no warranty regarding the quality of products and services offered, promoted, contained, or distributed through these sites. Products with trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. I provide links to such products only for your convenience. —M

Sending Feedback

Comments and suggestions are welcome! If you have any suggestions or comments that will help to improve this site please send feedback. I do read all feedback! —M